Although "live broadcast shopping" may sound like a current shopping choice, it has become very popular in China, the world's largest online shopping country, in 2019. Many users played a big role in buying and selling live broadcast shopping. Especially in the pandemic, its members exceeded millions and reached a large audience.

Shopping Process

The seller is able to visually present the products to the buyers live, by observing the products live by the buyers; Allows you to ask questions by commenting. Thanks to the live broadcast, companies are in close contact with their customers, and by actively responding to their suggestions and complaints, the trust and value between them and the customers are felt closely.

Preferred Social Media Platforms

This popular shopping trend, which became popular in China and rose in a short time: FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, LIVE took their places as the most preferred social media platforms. In addition to these, Influencers have created a certain audience for themselves and the trust, love and admiration of this audience have brought them to the level of the most influential person in this field.


PAREZ company, which has always kept itself up to date with innovations, has frequently performed this live broadcast exchange via Instagram and Facebook. In addition to the live broadcast of the store, it has created a serious audience by taking into account the wishes and opinions of its viewers on many issues, from the trends of suits and New Season Suits to the combination suggestions.






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February 19, 2023
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