When it comes to Classic Clothing, the first thing that comes to mind is the suit. So why the suit? As PAREZ company, which keeps itself up to date and stands out with its unique designs, we will talk about the intricacies of suits based on our experience in this sector.

Need from past to present; meeting, invitation, business dinner, prom, request, wedding, office etc. Suits were preferred because of the stylish and official appearance it gave to many concepts. The suit, which will never go out of fashion and which should always be in your wardrobe, is the right way; We should take care to choose the right place. You can provide a more stylish and confident stance and make your appearance more perfect by taking into account our professional details in suit clothing.



For example, if you choose a red suit for a job application: I guess we wouldn't be exaggerating if we say that you are responsible for what will happen... Suits in a slightly darker color than vest or double-breasted models such as Black, Grey, Navy Blue can be preferred for job applications. You can combine it with a quality white shirt, a classic leather shoe, a leather belt of the same color and a plain tie.

Of course, this rule changes when it comes to your special days. Engagement, Promise, Prom, Wedding etc. We recommend you to choose the colors that you think suits you best and make you feel the best. In the invitations to be held in the open area during the summer months; By choosing light tones, you will have a high level of harmony with the concept.



We wrote about our experiences in the suit and what it should be. Now, let's move on to the things that need attention in the suit. In a suit, measure your trousers, if your legs are short, a narrow size; If you prefer long, you can choose a slightly straighter cut. We recommend that you get support from the professional team of PAREZ. Let's not forget to get a more stylish look with boutonniere, tie and pocket chains as accessories. While you are standing, you can take care to open your buttons when you sit and keep only the top one closed in double-button suits.

We are very lucky that you discovered the difference of Parez suits and chose us.



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February 05, 2023
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