Parez was established in 2019 to make a difference in the Men's Clothing Industry with its unique design and quality.

It has created a unique collection with its pattern, quality fabric and craftsmanship selection, and has made its name known both at home and abroad in a short time with this collection.

He has applied an accessible price policy in every budget in the collection he designed.

Having a certain line in production and quality, PAREZ has not lost its line; has always kept itself up to date in this sector.

Parez adds a modern touch to today's men's clothing and provides comfort with its elegance; It produces an unlimited number of varieties and suits for every style...



our vision
Our products that we are always sure of the best quality; to share with never-ending excitement and happiness since the day we were founded...
It is to become a brand that is most admired all over the world, in your daily life, in your special days and that you will be excited to be preferred.



Our Mission
To be a brand that is compatible with the most up-to-date fashion, with fashion cultures all over the world, and which is admired all over the world, convenient and easily accessible.



What We Do...
Parez customers are always special and valuable to us. Any likes, suggestions or complaints from our customers are definitely brought to the agenda at Parez weekly meetings and appropriate solutions are produced. We are always excited to develop quality products from the best fabrics and to offer products that we really want you to discover. With the same excitement, we take steps to determine the price policy with a customer-centered understanding and with the pride of delivering our domestic production products to many international countries. We also pay attention to a smooth delivery by packaging your orders in accordance with the hygiene rules and following them instantly. Our brand pays attention to the quality of product production, namely workmanship and the quality of fabrics, leather and accessories, and cares for the smallest details, while maintaining its business discipline in product presentation and packaging.



paresis virtue

Parez Erdem has worked in many stages of the textile and leather industry, such as production, marketing, and management since her childhood, and she also worked as a model during her university years. She graduated from Istanbul University, Department of Finance and Anadolu University, Department of Justice. She speaks 3 languages and advanced English. Parez Erdem, in her senior year of university, decides to establish the Parez brand, and on this path, she embarks on this challenging but enjoyable e-commerce adventure with her brother Nurettin Erdem, her biggest supporter.



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